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Our Construction Management Services

Maintain visibility on every detail of your construction project. Keep projects on schedule and within budget by utilizing our proven construction management services and techniques.

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Gain Confidence in Construction Projects

Project owners need a knowledgeable and experienced construction advocate on their side. Learn how Cronin Construction Management comes alongside you to serve as your representative during each critical stage of the project.

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Construction Management

Always know the status of your project. We are your eyes and ears throughout the duration of the project to ensure general contractors and specialty contractors fulfill contractual obligations in a safe, efficient, and quality manner.

  • Maintain a complete and updated set of contracts and construction documents during the course of the project.
  • Provide owner representation at regularly scheduled construction meetings and provide follow-up support on action items.
  • Offer recommendations for the resolution of project-related issues that require owner input.
  • Monitor the overall project budget, including forecasts of potential costs, to ensure the project stays within established expectations

Construction Monitor

Our primary focus is to physically verify the progress of your project and conformance to contract documents. Periodically, we walk the site, take pictures of progress, and report back to you on whether the work is being performed according to specifications.

  • Review and comment on monthly plans and applications for payment.
  • Monitor the Request for Information (RFI) and submittals process to verify the process is moving according to the timeline.
  • Provide analysis and report on the approved Construction Schedule.
  • Review and comment on the Change Order process.
Hyatt Regency Baytown (drilled piers)
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Construction Audits

Not sure if GCs and SCs are performing duties according to the contract? We ensure that all aspects of the project work are executed correctly and that change orders are legitimate. Our audit process ensures all obligations are fulfilled.

  • Comment on apparent conflicts, deficiencies, and omissions between the construction observed and the contract documents.
  • Report on the progress of the construction to date in relation to the project schedule.
  • Review existing and ongoing soils, structural steel, concrete, and all other testing results to ensure there are no deviations.
  • Notify owners of any unsatisfactory work or plan deviations observed in the field or brought to our attention.

Condition Assessment

We provide technical services in the area of construction consultation for owners and other stakeholders. Our areas of emphasis are providing property condition assessments (PCAs), documentation, plans, and monitoring reviews on projects financed by our clients.

  • Perform PCA to evaluate the overall physical condition of the subject property.
  • Review the as-built condition of buildings and operational systems (e.g. MEP systems).
  • Help owners make informed decisions.
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